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- Kuky's Pet Care does not provide services to pets with fleas/ticks as there is a risk of carrying them to another pets, or to pets with a known history of aggression.

- All pets must be in good physical and mental health, and up to date on all required immunizations, including, but not limited to, rabies, bordetella, distemper (DHLPP/FVRCP), and FeLV, accordingly.

- For your dog's safety, please make sure to provide a secure collar or harness, with the appropriate ID, NJ license, and rabies tags. Please note that all dogs will be walked on a leash, without exceptions.

- All clients are required to provide enough supplies, such as food, litter and cleaning supplies, to help us carry out the services as intended, but if Kuky's Pet Care should make any unforeseen purchases needed for your pet's well-being, please note that the client is responsible for reimbursement, in addition to a $15 flat-rate fee for any trips to the store within 10 miles of your home.

- All clients must make sure to leave the thermostat settings within a normal comfortable range (64-78°F) to ensure the health and comfort of your pets and pet care provider during time of service.

- Prior to your departure, Kuky’s Pet Care will attempt to make a confirmation call to verify that all the information is still correct and to ensure that your pet’s needs are carried out as intended.  It is also recommended that you contact Kuky’s Pet Care at any time to notify when you have returned home safely and your pet is back in your care, and to request additional visits in case you trip is delayed.

- Kuky's Pet Care recommends keeping your house keys on file, and not requesting to leave the keys inside the house during the last visit for the safety of your pet, in case there is any delay in your arrival home. Client expressly understands that Kuky's Pet Care will not be able to access your house again after the last visit if such request is made, and will not be able to continue to provide care for your pet. All house keys are numbered and securely stored, and for your safety, they will never be kept along with your name and address.

- If the client allows any other person access to their home while Kuky's Pet Care's services are contracted, Kuky's Pet Care cannot be held liable for any damages to the property or pet(s) as a result. Kuky's Pet Care will request this information on your Pet Owner Information Sheet, and client must make sure to notify these persons about Kuky's Pet Care visits.

- Each client must thoroughly read and sign the Service and Veterinary Release Agreements, and must truthfully to the best of their knowledge complete the Pet Owner and Pet Information Sheets and Service Request Form, which will all be provided during the initial in-home consultation visit.

- Payments: Payments can be made in the form of cash or check.  There is a $25 fee for all returned checks, for any reason.  All payments for Daily Dog Walking/Running, Pet Sitting, Overnight Sitting, and Pet Taxi services are due in full during the initial in-home consultation or at least one week prior to the first visit.  Payments for Holidays reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance.  No services are considered reserved until full payment is made.

- Cancellations: Kuky’s Pet Care makes every effort to accommodate all requests and please understand that when we book you, we may possibly be turning down other clients.  Cancellation notices of at least two weeks in advance are encouraged to avoid partial refunds.  Cancellations within one week prior to the scheduled start date of services may be subject to a refund of only 50%.  Please note that there are no refunds for early termination of services, such as early returns from vacation.  Daily Dog Walking/Running cancellations within 24 hours will be credited to future visits, but there are no refunds or credits if you cancel any later than 7am or within one hour prior to that day’s visit, whichever comes first.

- Kuky’s Pet Care will make every effort to visit your pet as closely as possible to the time-frame requested, but please understand that unforeseen situations may arise, so please accept a two hour window of time for all visits.

- Kuky's Pet Care reserves the right to make changes to rates, policies and agreements at any time, at which point clients will be notified.

- All of your information will be kept private and confidential.




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